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Posts tagged: recipe

Mocha Dipped Morsels

Are you looking for a healthy(ish) treat to make for yourself or your loved ones this Valentine's Day? Check out our newest recipe using Mocha Coffee. It's salty, sweet and delicious - YUMM! These Mocha Dipped Morsels are gluten and dairy free and can be customized based on your taste...

Tiramisu Using Cusa Coffee Dark Roast

Looking for a delicious dessert recipe? Try making tiramisu with Cusa Coffee Dark Roast! It was created by our friend, Giselle. And, after recreating it ourselves, we can confirm that it tastes amazing!

Slim Savvy Overnight Oats

Wondering how to incorporate Cusa Tea’s new herbal teas in your cooking? Checkout this delicious cinnamon raisin overnight oats recipe using Slim Savvy.

Recipe: Cusa Tea Green Tea Cake Cookies

Inspired by recipes that use matcha, we asked - will our green tea offer a robust flavor profile, especially in a slightly sweet dessert? The answer is yes! The subtle green tea flavor comes through nicely and is complemented by the cardamom.

Recipe: Cusa Tea Chewy Chai Snickerdoodles

When added to recipes, our Chai adds not only notes of the spices used to make it, but also the subtle flavor of tea. It serves as a stand-alone substitute to that quintessentially fall blend of ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper.

Recipe: Cusa Tea Spicy Chai Cheesecake Muffins

Our tea powder can be crafted into cocktails, swirled with froth for a spicy latte, and baked into food - all while retaining the full flavor and spice of Chai Tea. To get in the mood for fall food, we did a little experimenting and came up with recipe below.