Focused on Sustainability

We Take Our Environmental Impact Seriously

Our Sustainability Efforts

Reduce Food Waste

The tea and coffee used to make our beverages gets put into the ground instead of landfills. It’s used as compost in organic farm soil.

Every Piece Counts

Our Recycling Program

The only part of our packaging and shipping materials that can’t be recycled locally is our tea and coffee packets. So we provide a way for you to do that conveniently from the comfort of your home. If you save and send them to us in batches of 100 or more, we’ll send them to TerraCycle to be repurposed as playground equipment and decking materials. We send you a shipping label and ship our products in reusable bags so you don’t have to buy postage or find a box to send them in.

The impact of tea and coffee

Keeping used tea and coffee out of landfills

Did you know that the equivalent of over 790 Empire State Buildings full of tea bags is consumed and sent to landfills each year? Although tea and coffee breaks down, food waste in landfills creates methane, contributing to global warming. And many tea bags contain plastics that don’t break down quickly. All the coffee and tea used to brew our beverages get composted on the farms we get them from, drastically minimizing the impact of your daily brew.

Our Commitment To The Environment.

We are dedicated to making our products a good option for your and the planet. In 2019, we joined the Climate Collaborative and pledged commitments in four areas: reducing food waste, protecting forests, reducing transportation energy waste and sourcing sustainably.