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Wholesale Cusa

We're offering up to 50% off all Cusa Tea & Coffee products! Many of you have been reaching out and asking for this, since the days of the communal coffee/tea station are gone for the time being. Since Cusa Tea & Coffee are individual serving sachets, they are much safer for helping prevent the spread of germs.

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1. Send us a message or email ( with information about the company you own or work for.

2. If information in your email to us doesn't include a way to verify your business, we'll ask you for information in our follow-up email that will help us verify that you work for, buy for or own a business.

3. Once we've verified that you'll be buying for a business, we'll send you our office wholesale price list.

4. Fill out the form and send it back to us to get your first order placed!

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