Recycle With Cusa

Recycle Those Packets!

They’re not recyclable curbside, so we make it easy for you to recycle them with us in three easy steps without having to drop anything off at the post office.

STEP ONE: Collect at least 100! Save the Cusa box or reusable gray shipping bag we send your order in and fill it up with the emptiers.

STEP TWO: Request a prepaid return label from us in the notes section on your next order. We’ll ship you a stick-on label.

STEP THREE: Seal the box/bag, apply the label and send them off to us!

For help, email We collect the empty packets by the hundreds of thousands and send them to TerraCycle to be repurposed as decking material and playground equipment.

How to Recycle Everything Else

These are reusable! Open along the perforation to reveal a second adhesive strip Use them to send your empty tea and coffee packets to us. Or, recycle them with thin film recycling (usually in front of grocery stores).

Learn How Else We Minimize Our Impact

We pay more for our packaging and shipping materials because they are more sustainable. There’s no price too high when it comes to keeping our planet clean. Beyond our materials we also compost all our tea leaves and coffee beans, source ingredients from tea and coffee farms that use organic or regenerative farming, have a solar-powered manufacturing facility and a 90% zero-waste headquarters in Boulder, CO.