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Tea and Coffee Stick Recycling Program

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We're thrilled to announce that now you can recycle your tea and coffee sticks!

Save your used sticks and send them to us once you've collected at least 100 sticks. For the entire month of April 2022, we're sending a PREPAID return label for any order with 30 servings or more. When we get them, we'll put them in our zero-waste box and then send them in to TerraCycle to be re-purposed as plastic-composite decking, playground equipment, benches, etc.

After April, all you need to do is request a return label in the order notes of your next order, and we'll include one.


Follow the steps below to send in sticks:



Collect your used tea and coffee sticks! Find a box or bag and keep them together. Our reusable gray poly mailers that we ship most orders in make a GREAT option for this!


Once you've collected at least 100, request a return label from us with your next order.


Package them up in the same box or bag we shipped your order in and use the PREPAID return label you got in your order to send them to us.

If you didn't get one, just email us at and we'll send you one.


Recycling Program Photos


Why Can't You Recycle Them at Home?

They are durable and impermeable to moisture because the tea and coffee powder in our beverages is so sensitive to it. That's why it dissolves without leaving any granules or sediment behind! The material used can't be thrown into your curbside recycling bin.

What Do We Do With Them?

We fill up a TerraCycle box (seen above) and ship it to them. They then add it to other similar packaging to be made into raw materials for things like playground equipment, campground benches and decking material. This way, your tea and coffee sticks don't end up in a landfill.

Hint: none of your packaging needs to end up in a landfill! You can reuse your gray mailing bags (they're ideal for sending us back those sticks), or recycle them with thin film recycling (in front of many grocery stores). The paper tea boxes some Trial Sizes come in can be recycled - the same with cardboard boxes we ship some orders in. The brown bags that your tea and coffee comes in are compostable in commercial composting facilities.