Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Some people in our lives are really hard to buy gifts for. Maybe they already have everything and you need a unique idea, or maybe you're trying to find something thoughtful but not overly expensive. This year the Cusa TEAm put together an easy guide for the tea & coffee lover in your life, filled with one-of-a-kind gifts that we love!

We'll start with what we know best - our own tea & coffee products!

For the Caffeine-free Lifestyle

They don't drink caffeine, but you love them anyway! Our herbal teas and decaf coffee are a great option for any-time-of-day sipping.

For the Coffee Purist

They always have a fun fact about coffee and are very about what they drink and when. Maybe they won't give up their intricate coffee routine, but need something tasty and convenient for travel, trips and when they're on-the-go. Because nothing's worse than being without coffee!

For the Coffee Flavor Lover

Perhaps they're all about the additions - "I'd like a little coffee with my cream, please!" These are the perfect flavors for at-home barista-style lattes, or for someone who loves those flavors but wants to skip the sugar and cream.

For the Green Tea Enthusiast

Whether they drink green tea for the antioxidants, the taste or both, the green tea lover in your life is sure to love our assortment!

For the Black Tea Enthusiast

Our black tea assortment grew in 2022! Mango Black and Peach Black joined our line-up and are already customer favorites. We know the black tea lover in your life will love them, too.

If You Don’t Know What They Like Best

Or, they like a little of everything! They change things up daily or depending on their mood. Give a little variety to the variety-lover in your life.

While we do sell many tea & coffee accessories (see our bottles and tumblers!), we picked a few of our favorites that are easy to pick up on Amazon or other sites!

  • Tea Saucer Stud Earrings - these are SO cute.
  • An electric tea kettle with a gooseneck that looks very classy.
  • Honey spoons - one our favorite sweeteners.
  • A book about the history of tea. Because the more you know, the more you know you don't know!
  • A coffee plant for your house. While it may not produce beans - they are really pretty plants!
  • An ice tray that makes little balls of ice - the perfect way to step up your iced coffee or tea game. Have you ever tried making iced coffee with coffee ice? (You should.)
  • Stainless steel straws - easy to clean and you won't have to buy a single use straw again!
  • A nut milk maker - a little pricier than other items on this list, but definitely useful! If you're an alternative milk kinda person (or know one), this will be a perfect addition to your set up!
  • Coffee hot sauce - we know this sounds weird, but you probably know someone who wants to try it!

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