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Mango Green Tea Fizz!

It’s getting hot out there, isn’t it? Phew. As much as we LOVE getting outside, whether it’s a hike, camping trip, or just a day at the dock it’s hard to have fun when you’re overheating.

That’s why you need a refresher. Just that little pick-me-up to cool you down on those hot days. And believe us when we say you’re gonna manGO nuts for this recipe!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Mango Green Tea (From Cusa of course)

• Sparkling Water

• Lemonade

• Dash of lime juice

• Cubed Mango (if you’re feeling fancy)

• Fresh mint (for garnish & to serve)

• Lots of Ice

Here’s how to make it:

➞  Combine your Mango Green Tea with a tiny bit of boiling water and stir (to dissolve the Mango Green Tea powder)

➞  Add 8-12oz of sparkling water

➞  Add a dash of lime juice to flavor

➞  If you’re looking for something a tad sweeter,
add some lemonade to taste

➞  Cube up some fresh mango and add into the drink

➞  Top your glass with ice and garnish with a
few fresh mint leaves

➞  Sip and feel the coolness

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