Pick Yourself Up and Chai Again

Pick Yourself Up and Chai Again

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Our Spicy Chai was the most complicated product we ever developed, taking over 50 rounds of R&D to get it perfect.

Inspiration for our particular recipe came when Jim and his wife, Genevieve, lived in Nepal and India for over a year back in 2004. It was there that they fell in LOVE with this delicious and healthy drink. They were in traveling after their wedding, and loved Nepal so much that they decided to stay for a while and learn meditation and climb/hike mountains in the Himalayas. Every morning, they would start with hot, spicy chai, and it would also accompany most meals.


So when they came back to the U.S., they continued to make a spicy chai almost every day. Jim wanted to launch an instant chai with our first set of products, but it turned out that getting the flavor profile right with six ingredients took a lot more time and work than anticipated. Some batches were too peppery, some had too much cardamom, some had too much ginger...but they kept trying to get the perfect blend of spices and tea. After 50 rounds of trial and error, they found the perfect combination!

Now, 3 years later, Spicy Chai is among our top three most popular drinks, so we know you love it too! And while we love Spicy Chai without anything added to it, we know that a lot of our customers doctor it up with the milk of their choice and maybe a dash of honey, too. There are infinite taste possibilities!


Fast forward to our coffee launch in 2020, and it was Jim’s brother that started adding a stick of Spicy Chai Tea to his Cusa Coffee each morning. That gave us the idea to turn his daily brew into a Dirty Chai Coffee. After a little more trial and error, we found the perfect marriage of coffee, chai spices and tea. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go! It’s our most caffeinated product in the family, coming in at 130mg per serving, and is sure to give you a little pep in your step in the mornings.


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