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Gift Guide: Tea & Coffee Lovers

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Sometimes the best recommendation is a gift, and we’re fortunate that many Cusa Tea and Coffee customers like to give our products to friends and family they think will like our drinks as much as they do.

Because we hear from so many customers that they regularly spread the Cusa love, we put together a gift guide for tea and coffee lovers. This is a list of products we personally use and like on the Cusa TEA-m, so we know they pair well with our products. They’ll make great gifts for any tea or coffee lovers in your life.


Finding a great-tasting tea or coffee that you can mix up in seconds can be life-changing, and the best thing about Cusa is that it mixes with any temperature of water. But at certain times of year, nothing beats a steaming-hot cup. When heating water quickly isn’t convenient, then it doesn’t really matter how quickly your drink dissolves in it. So, here are some great alternatives to the trusty ol’ tea kettle.


Electric Tea Kettle

An electric tea kettle is a great way to heat water fast, avoid a loud whistle (that might wake sleeping angels in the house early in the morning or late at night), and have control over water temperature. And you don’t even need a stove!

Why they’re awesome:

  • Temperature control means you won't burn your mouth
  • Auto shut-off means you don't need a kettle whistle to know water's ready
  • You don't need a stove, and you can travel with them
  • Heat as much or as little water as you need with built-in fill measurements

Our recommendations:

  • This Forbes article gives a great list depending on budget, temperature control, look and other factors.
  • This pricier option gives you a range of temperatures and is recommended by Wirecutter.
  • For some budget options, check out this small appliance brand. We have a few of their kettles for sampling events, and they've lasted us years!

Cast Iron Teapot

This is a great multi-purpose option for someone who might love a mix-in-seconds option like Cusa Tea and Coffee, as well as someone who also enjoys the occasional loose leaf tea. Or, for someone who enjoys drinking a few cups at a time, and doesn’t want to reheat water between cups. It will keep water hot longer than a standard teapot.

Tea can be brewed directly in it - fill it with boiling water to get it hot, then fill with tea and more boiling water when you’re ready to brew. That will help ensure it doesn’t lose heat getting warm with your first batch of water.

Our recommendations:

  • For a traditional Japanese version that doesn't break the bank, see this lovely option. It holds 40oz of water.
  • This smaller option holds just 24oz and comes with a removable tea strainer.

Hot Water Carafe

This is another great gift for anyone who likes drinking a few cups in a row of coffee or tea, especially while working or stationed somewhere without a kitchen nearby. It’s a great gift for someone who works from home, or works so hard they forget to refill their cup because it requires a break and trip to the kitchen or water cooler.

Our recommendations:

  • Cusa TEAmmate Robin has had this $5 carafe for years and highly recommends it for being easy to clean and sturdy. A lot of hot water carafes have inner glass containers that can break if the carafe is dropped, but the sturdiness of this one keeps it going strong.
  • For a stainless steel option, check out this one.


We sell two handy types of mugs that are great for indoors or outdoors settings. Both are double-walled, meaning you will never burn your hands.

  • Cusa Glass Mug: hand-blown with borosilicate glass, this mug just looks cool with inner and outer layers of glass. It’s dishwasher-safe and has a non-traditional shape, which will make it a unique gift.
  • Cusa Camper Mug: Stainless-steel and powder-coated, it will keep your drink hot (or cold) for hours. Like, 8 hours. It’s got a lid with magnetic closure for further insulation and preventing spills. And, they’re great for camping and adventuring!


    It’s our mission as a company to offer clean drinks without sugar or additives. That’s because we want everyone to be able to drink Cusa - including those who can’t have sugar or dairy. It just doesn’t feel right to us to make decisions about what to put in your drink for you. So, we use only real tea, coffee, herbs, fruit and spices in our brews.

    But that doesn’t mean Cusa doesn’t taste absolutely delicious with added ingredients! A visit to our Recipes page makes it clear just how many things mix well with Cusa, and that you can even use Cusa to cook and bake with.

    We put together our staff's favorite gadget and “add-ins” in case you’re gifting tea or coffee to someone who you know will enjoy them, too.

    Hand Frother

    Do you know someone who likes the occasional hot chocolate, golden milk or latte? Get them a battery-powered hand frother! These gadgets are versatile, portable, travel-friendly and better than any clunky appliance when it comes to blending.

    The best part about them is that they work much better than a spoon when mixing powders with thicker hot liquids like milk. When powders like hot chocolate mix tend to clump up, the frother keeps your drink nice and smooth.

    We sell one, and it’s sleek, simple and powerful. Check it out here to learn more.

    Milks and Creamers

    Plain old whole milk or half and half are great, but not everyone can drink them. This list includes all our favorite alternatives for those who have specific diets.

    Our recommendations:

    • A2Milk Company - cow’s milk for the lactose intolerant. With natural A2 protein, these milks are easier on digestion and help avoid some discomfort that comes with traditional cow’s milk.
    • Oatly Oat Milk - besides being a cool brand, Oatly is committed to sustainability. Plant-based, it’s great for those who don’t consume dairy. We like oat milk because it not only tastes good, but also froths really well, making it great for at-home fancy drinks like lattes!
    • Nut Pods - dairy-free creamers, with a wide range of flavors, sweetened and unsweetened. Another plant-based option, Nut Pods has a great origin story and tastes delicious. Do you like those fancy sweetened creamers with flavors like French Vanilla and Toasted Marshmallow? Check out Nut Pods.
    • Coconut Cloud - vegan, dairy-free powdered creamers. We know this company personally, and they’re just good people all around. They are shelf-stable and powdered, making them a great eco shipping option, since you won’t be shipping heavy liquid. They’re great for the outdoors, too. And if you’re not aware of all the benefits of coconut - well, just check them out. They also have hot cocoa, matcha, frappe mixes and single-serve packets, including sweetened and unsweetened options.


      Sugar is nice, but it’s...just...boring sometimes! And not the healthiest. Nor is it an option for anyone who can’t consume sugar. So, here’s our list of favorite sugar alternatives that taste even better than the plain stuff.

      • Maple syrup
      • Honey
      • Agave nectar
      • Stevia (sugar-free)
      • Monk fruit (sugar-free)

        Our recommendations:

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