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Coffee & Tea

Quick, Packable & Tasty

No more waiting to brew coffee or for the tea bag to steep. It's now possible to have a true barista quality cup of tea or coffee in seconds. All you need is hot or cold water and seconds!

Quality First... Always

Amazing coffee and tea start with the best ingredients. We only use organic tea, Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, and real fruit, herbs, and spices. You will never see "flavorings", preservatives, or sugar on our label!

Enjoy Cusa Anywhere

Unlike other coffee and tea, all you need is a packet of Cusa, a bottle/cup, and cold or hot water. That's it! Throw away the Keurig and coffee pot and no more waiting for the tea to steep and then looking for a place to throw away the wet, soggy teabag. You get barista quality coffee and tea in seconds with any temperature of water!

Why Cusa?

Ready in Seconds.

We created a patented process that keeps all the flavor, aroma, and beneficial properties of coffee and tea. We first cold-brew the coffee/tea for eight hours. We then gently dehydrate the beverage using evaporation instead of high heat of freeze drying. The result is one of the best cups you will ever have, with the added convenience of making it anywhere!

Green, Black
& Herbal Tea

Cold Brew
Instant Coffee

"I'm a tea snob...while I do often settle for bagged tea due to its convenience, I take pride in enjoying loose leaf tea whenever possible. This tea, however, is making me rethink tea. Seriously."

Daniel B.

"This is a great definition of a premium coffee. It has an excellent, strong smell, and a perfect taste. This is so much better than all the other coffee brands I have at home!"

Irfan L.

"I just took this tea on a multi day pack rafting trip in Utah and it was perfect. I don't drink coffee and it was pretty cold in the morning; this instant tea was perfect. I also made it at lunchtime as cold tea."

Mason S.

"After nine months of development and 21 patents, Jim created an instant tea that is all natural and tastes just like it's been fresh brewed."

The Intertwine Group

No joke - this is the best tasting tea I've ever had! It legitimately tastes like candy, and I can't wait to drink it for years to come!

Quinn B.

Each serving is in recyclable packaging, very easy to mix with hot/cold water, so convenient to use, great flavors and blends and so very quick to enjoy. It’s been perfect!!

Athena B.