DIY Tea-Infused Bath Bombs Recipe

DIY Tea-Infused Bath Bombs Recipe

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We had a ton of fun with this recipe. For more on why we decided to put our tea in bath bombs, check out this article!


Bath Bomb Recipe

A note about oils: You can use many oils - the goal will be to use one without much scent that is good for your skin. We made this DIY recipe with organic extra-virgin olive oil, and it did great. The bath bombs we ultimately made for our Mother's Day Sale use sunflower oil, which is very neutral. Some other options are: vegetable oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil or any other skin-safe oil.

A note about molds: You can use a ton of things! You'll find some cheap sphere molds online if you search for "bath bomb molds", but you can also use things around the house, like used yogurt single-serve containers, a muffin pan or a silicone baking or freezing molds.

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