All About Our Mother’s Day Bath Bombs

All About Our Mother’s Day Bath Bombs

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This year we wanted to do something extra special for Mother’s Day. We have just wrapped up Earth Month, and we’re feeling especially grateful for Mother Nature. But even more than that, we know how fundamental our moms have been in our success and wanted to find a special way to celebrate moms.

Just like a small child flourishing with the support and nourishment of their loving mother, we had a vision for our Mother’s Day sale this year, and slowly turned it into a reality!

We thought of making bath bombs with our tea, so those using them could enjoy both the aroma of our teas, and the nourishment they could provide outside as well as inside. Tea has long been used topically. In fact, green tea in particular can help with various skin conditions, and tea in general has long been used in beauty treatments and routines.

Once we had the idea, we set about figuring out how to do it! We wanted to try it for ourselves first, so we follow this DIY recipe for making bath bombs at home, tweaking it to include our teas. Boy, did we learn a thing or two!

First, we learned that making bath bombs is not easy. Here are a few shots from our first batch when we had no clue what we were doing.


DIY recipe fails

Second, we learned that putting our tea in them was a piece of cake and that the tea contributed a pleasant aroma - some flavors had such a nice aroma that we didn’t even need essential oils to get the full aromatherapy effect (for instance, Jasmine Green Tea). Our tea also seemed like an excellent candidate because it’s so clean - in them you will find only tea, fruit, spices and herbs. None of the unnecessary muck you don’t really need inside your body, or floating in your bathwater!

Once we determined that we weren’t going to become a bath bomb making operation overnight but that our idea would work, we turned to the professionals. Specifically, we asked SALUS, maker of the most amazing, natural bath bombs and fellow Colorado company, to help us out. They immediately agreed, and the result is the heavenly smelling, tea-infused bath bombs we’re selling for Mother’s Day and including in all our gift bundles!

 Mother's Day Gift Bundle

Choosing SALUS wasn’t random. Our VP of Marketing, Robin, has used their products for years, and as a company, they are aligned with us on purpose. They make natural products that are free from a lot of the harmful ingredients commonly found in mass-produced bath bombs - for instance, benzene derivatives, phthalates, talc, parabens and artificial colorants. The thing is, a natural bath bomb is not only better for you - natural ingredients are all you really need to make great ones!

SALUS lovingly hand-makes theirs, in small batches of 30 at a time, and then wraps them in tissue paper. They used two tea flavors of ours, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way they turned out. 

Each “set” includes an Everyday Wellness bath bomb and a Green Tea Mint bath bomb. The Everyday Wellness bath bomb is made with our hibiscus rose tea and rose petal essential oil, so the mom in your life can literally bathe in flowers! With only Everyday Wellness Tea (hibiscus, rose and licorice), baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, natural Colorado sunflower oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, sucrose, rose petal essential oil and sea salt it will give your bath water a slight (but very natural) gray tint.

The Green Tea Mint bath bomb is made with Cusa Green Tea and rosemary mint essential oil for an aromatic and skin rejuvenating soak that's out of this world.

So, don’t miss out on this incredible limited-time opportunity to give some self-love and nourishment your mom and enjoy on the inside, and outside.

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