The Hype About Hydration

The Hype About Hydration

We all KNOW we should be drinking more (non-alcoholic) fluids. It helps us have clear skin, heal faster from injuries, and run our bodies how we want to. You might even have a big Hydroflask next to you right now - feeling guilty when you have to dump some out to clean it at the end of the day. 

There's a few myths that have been floating around hydration forever, and we're here to clear them up!

  1. MYTH: Coffee is dehydrating - In recent studies where coffee and water were compared, there was no real difference between the level of hydration after four glasses of water vs. four glasses of coffee. So your daily cups can count towards your ounces for the day!

  2. MYTH: Water is the best thing cure dehydration - While your body will thank you for any liquid when it's dehydrated, sometimes you need something with a few added benefits! Try our line of herbal teas iced next time you finish a workout (we recommend the Everyday Wellness), they are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness!

But how much do we need to be hydrated? And how important is hydration to your overall health?

Remember back to the last time you were dehydrated - weak and head-aching - your body tells you almost immediately when you need more liquids. Without it your blood pressure will drop, muscles spasm, and you might lose consciousness. If dehydration has these affects on your body, imagine what being consistently hydrated can do for your body!

From being able to focus more and be alert throughout the day, to doing more long-term for your skin to reduce the affects of aging than Botox, your hydration is an essential pillar of your health.


It's a good rule of thumb that if you take one-third of your body weight, that's the number of ounces you'd need a day to be hydrated. So, for example if you are 150 pounds you should try and drink 50oz. a day.

So how do you stay hydrated?

  • Have a reusable bottle handy - you're more likely to drink if it's available!

  • Avoid sugary drinks - they impact your ability to hydrate. Luckily for you, every single one of our drinks is sugar free!

  • Pay attention to the weather outside. If it's a dry & hot day, drink more than you usually would.

  • Drink fluids before, during, AND after exercise. 

  • Listen to your body, if you're thirsty you're dehydrated.

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