Why Our Fruit Teas Are Different

Why Our Fruit Teas Are Different

Hear from our founder, Jim, about why he decided to develop our new Mango Black and Peach Black Teas and what sets them apart from other "fruit" teas on the market!



Summary: Jim loves black tea! He was looking for fruit flavor in his black teas, and our Mango Green Tea and Peach Green Tea are very popular. So, we paired our real-fruit-only formula with black tea as an option for the black tea lovers out there!

Why does real fruit make a difference? First, it makes use unique. Most "fruit" teas on the market that use lab-produced "natural flavors". They may be natural, but they also may not necessarily be derived from the fruit itself. You can usually taste it, too - even if they don't taste "fake" per se, they also don't quite taste like the real thing.

We use dehydrated, real fruit when we brew our teas. The result is a two-ingredient formula in our Mango Black, Mango Green, Peach Black and Peach Green Teas - just tea leaves and fruit. They have zero sugar because the fruit juices and pulp don't make it into the tea. Yet they smell and taste amazing, with just enough real fruit flavor to turn green or black tea into a whole new tropical beverage!

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