Meet The Microtourists

Meet The Microtourists


The Microtoursts: (left to right) Olive, Tara and Ross

We are The Microtourists and we are on a bit of an adventure.

We sold our house and most of our possessions and bought a small R-Pod trailer to tour the United States for six months or more. We didn’t know what would come of this experience, but it has been a blast thus far. We have gotten to know each other and ourselves better, we have seen some really cool things, met some even cooler people, and we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands like Cusa Tea.

Ross masters the essential skill of posing with Cusa Tea swag.

We dubbed ourselves The Microtourists just weeks before we left on this adventure. It was term we stumbled upon and decided that the meaning was descriptive of what we hoped to accomplish. A "Microtourist" is someone who leans toward the lesser-known areas of tourism. They like to shop local and spend money in non-extravagant ways, making the most of every dollar. We wanted to see the lesser know areas, camp in off the grid areas of the National Forests, and partner with up and coming companies that make a quality and unique product. We want to expose the potential of these areas or communities, highlight the great spots we find along the way, and promote the people or products that make these companies great. We believe Cusa Tea is one of those companies that have values that line up with ours.

We like Cusa because it’s simple, efficient, and natural. Let’s start with simple. We live simply. Living in our 17-foot camper has made simple a necessity. We have limited space for all of our belongings, whether that be, food, water, clothes, kitchen supplies, or our beloved outdoor gear. Simple is waking up grabbing some breakfast, making a sandwich for lunch and throwing it in our backpack with some granola bars and few packets of Cusa Tea before heading out for the day’s adventure. Whether we are hiking to a set of waterfalls, searching for an alpine lake, or maybe renting kayaks for a day of river exploration.

Ross sips tea while enjoying the serenity of Tamolitch Blue Pool in Oregon.

Efficiency is another thing we treasure. We don’t like to waste time because we are only given so much to do with as we please. We like to make the most of a day so anything we can do to stay efficient is key. When we move our camper to a new spot, I pack up the outside while Tara cleans the inside. When we get up in the morning, I make coffee and breakfast while Tara makes the bed and tidies up. We each have our set of duties that help us maintain that efficiency and when we hike, the efficiency of a Cusa single serve doesn’t go unappreciated. No dipping the tea bag and waiting for it to seep. Just rip the pack open, stir or shake it up, and keep moving!

Ross and Tara enjoy a tea break while Olive takes a snooze.

Cusa also does it with great natural taste. Their tea is the first tea we have found that makes single serve dissolvable packets, and they do it well. They don’t add preservatives or sugar - it’s just tea. We also try to live as naturally as possible. We keep our possessions to a minimum, support companies that produce “natural” products, and most obviously, live in our camper in the woods! It doesn’t get more natural than that! Unlike many other single serve packets that are super sweet, Cusa keeps it tasting natural. Natural (and nature) is what were all here for right!? You can enjoy their tea both hot and cold. It’s great after a hike in the heat with a couple ice cubes added, or added to hot water on a cool morning as you wait for the sun to rise. I prefer my tea a little sweeter - a teaspoon of honey mixed with the Lemon Black is perfect for my liking. My wife, Tara, prefers her’s as natural as it comes. She loves sipping the Mango Green or Chai with nothing added but water.

Tara enjoys being able to have a tea break anywhere, anytime.

Cusa has 6 flavors of tea currently available, but our guess is there will be more in the future. It’s good to know there are still companies out there like Cusa. Companies that put their products and the people they work with first. We didn’t get redirected when we reached out, and it didn’t take three weeks to get a response. We got a quick friendly reply. With just over a year of being on the market, we expect many more years or success for Cusa.

We hope that you will follow us as we continue our journey of exploration and adventure. You can follow along with us on Instagram @themicrotourists or read our own blog at It’s best enjoyed with a cup of Cusa Tea!

Here's to many more adventures, Ross, Tara and Olive!

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