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Aspen Daily News Reviews Cusa Tea

We were psyched to read a great product review of Cusa Tea in the Aspen Daily News today!

Written by stand-up paddle enthusiast and photographer Jordan Curet, the review explains how Cusa Tea enhanced her own outdoor travel experience by giving her new options for hot beverages.


"Tea is nothing new; it’s been brewing for close to 4,000 years. So I found it hard to believe that Cusa Tea had reinvented the wheel using modern-day methods. They use what they call a Cold Steep Technology, something similar to cold-brewing coffee. This process uses room-temperature water and pressure to “brew” the tea over 8 hours to extract all the flavor. Then they vacuum dehydrate the cold brew to concentrate the tea until it will instantly dissolve in hot or cold water."

Read the full article here.

(Photo by Jordan Curet)

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