Why We Say "Cold Brewed"

Why We Say "Cold Brewed"

Hi Cusa Community!

We wanted to share a bit about our innovative "cold brew" process and why it makes a big difference when it comes to the flavor, aroma and benefits of Cusa coffees and teas.

Some of our packaging has "cold brew" on the outside, and customers often ask us if this means Cusa is meant to be consumed cold. In fact, "cold-brewed" refers to how we make the beverages, not how you're meant to drink them. Cusa can be enjoyed hot or cold.

When we make Cusa, we cold-brew it for 6-8 hours using pressure to simulate the effect of heat. This breaks down the cell walls of the ingredients, extracting more goodness than heat alone can. Yet, the tannins in tea and acidity in coffee are toned down due to the cold water, resulting in a very smooth cup that isn't bitter.

Here's a quick rundown of why the Cusa method makes a big impact on flavor:

  1. Less Acidity: Cold-brew coffee has been shown to be less acidic than heat-brewed coffee. That's why many of our customers with acid reflux or sensitivity to coffee can drink ours!
  2. Concentrated Benefits: Because we use pressure during brewing, it breaks down the cell walls of the ingredients we use, and certain nutrients are released in higher concentrations. For instance, we have 5-6 times the polyphenols compared with loose-leaf tea!
  3. Smooth Flavor: Most dehydrated beverages are made with high-heat spray drying or freeze drying. The extreme temperatures strip the flavor and aroma from the resulting drink. Our gentle process retains all the flavor of a fresh cup.
  4. Consistent, Bold Flavor: Our gentle process plus the pressure we use during cold-brewing (to simulate heat) extracts more flavor from the real tea, coffee, fruit, herbs and spices we use. The result is a strong, bold cup, brewed consistently every time.

It's not just our repeat customers who agree that we offer superior flavor. The experts also think so! Our flavor has won us four Global Tea Championship medals and a 97 out of 100 on the Global Coffee Scale.

Taste the difference for yourself!


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