Are You Ready to Change Your Habits in 2020?

We want to help you do just that, so we're hosting a 21-day Health Habits Challenge!

They say it takes just 21 days to build a new habit, so our challenge includes 21 new habits you can try. When you sign up, we'll send you a checklist, and in order to complete the challenge, you need to try each habit on it.

Limit: The first 21 people to fill our the post-challenge survey and submit a photo of themselves participating in the challenge as well as a finished checklist will receive a free 30-pack of any Cusa Tea flavor of their choice. Everyone after that will get a code for 65% off a 30-pack of their choice.

To take the challenge, follow the steps below:


Fill out the form below to sign up. This ensures you get the 21-day checklist (we'll email it to you) and the survey at the end (we'll email it to you around Feb. 3rd).


Print out the PDF checklist. You'll be sent it by email once you sign up. If you don't have a printer, keep track of which habits you try some other way. We'll ask you for a photo or screenshot of your completed list at the end of the challenge.


Try each new healthy habit. Mark the date you tried each one as you go. You don't need to stick with the order in the list - just make a note of which day you tried which habit. Make sure you take a photo of yourself trying the challenge as you go. Post on social media during the challenge with hashtag #cusachallenge or save a photo to send to us at the end.


Complete the survey. We'll email it to you around Feb. 3rd. When you complete the survey, we'll ask you for a photo of yourself participating in the challenge (you won't need to send one if you posted during the challenge with #cusachallenge) as well as a photo or screenshot of your completed list.

Good luck! The Cusa TEA-m will be doing this challenge along with you, so check out our social media pages for some inspiration along the way!