Eight Travel Hacks from our TEA-m

Eight Travel Hacks from our TEA-m

You can make travel convenient and efficient, as well as keep costs down, by planning ahead and making use of travel tips from seasoned travelers. The Cusa TEA-m loves to travel and has pulled together a list of our best travel hacks. Sometimes, all we need is a change in the way we think about the "task" of preparing for a trip to be motivated to get out the door more often!

The Cusa TEA-m loves to travel and has been all over the world. We've pulled together a list of our best travel hacks so we can motivate you to plan your next trip as efficiently as possible.


1. Make lists

This might seem obvious, but it helps to keep around a list of common items to pack for various types of trips, or take note of what you want to remember next time around, once you finish a trip.

Robin, Cusa Tea's Marketing Manager, says: "I keep a travel journal. It's not a diary of thoughts I have while traveling, but rather a sort of best-practices record so I can make packing more efficient each time I travel. If I over-packed for a trip, I note that and avoid it next time. If I under-packed, I note that, too! I also keep packing lists for common types of trips I take, like weekend car camping trips. They cut my packing time down to a fraction of the time. Once I learned I can throw everything I need in my car in 1-2 hours and get on the road, I began traveling more often."


2. Bring ear plugs

Scheduled to fly over 100,000 miles this year, Cusa Tea Founder Jim knows a thing or two about airline travel. On the topic of earplugs, he says, "They are cheap and weigh nothing, but nothing is better when you have a crying baby or loud talkers next to you on a flight. It also cuts out the "white noise" of the airplane, which can sometimes give me a headache."

3. Pack a "disposable" lunch

Food is sometimes the last thing we think of for travel like airline travel. There are usually plenty of places to eat in an airport or to grab a bite while on a long drive. Yet, if you're a picky eater or don't feel great after chowing down on fast food, it might be a good idea to start your trip with your own meal. Robin says, "I start out every trip with a throw-away lunch, avoiding any containers I would need to carry around with me for days. I make a sandwich at home, and use an old shopping bags with handles to carry it around until I've eaten - this avoids a brown bag getting crushed in your luggage. My pro-tip for keeping a sandwich from getting soggy is putting lettuce on the outsides next to the bread and all condiments on the inside. That keeps juices away from the bread so it won't get soggy!"

4. Bring your own water bottle

Bring an empty water bottle to fill up along your route. You can fill it in an airport after getting through security. This not only saves you money, but also gives you more water than you might get with a small 16.9-ounce bottle from a vending machine. Most airports now have convenient chilled water-fill stations that are designed specifically for reusable water bottles. If you're on the road, you'll find that asking nicely usually means you can get free water from any restaurant or convenience store.


5. Hydration, hydration, hydration

This is a no-brainer, but is often overlooked on flights. Says Jim, "The average cabin pressure equals around 6,000-8,000 feet in elevation and less than 20% humidity. These conditions will dehydrate you amazingly fast. I try to drink 12 ounces of water every hour. When I do this, I can function so much better that day as well as the following day!"

6. Sleep on long flights

No stranger to overseas flights, Jim shares his essential tip for beating jet lag: "I fly to Europe and Asia pretty often, so it is helpful to get some sleep on the plane. I have found that heavy drugs like Ambien can really mess me up, so I take natural supplements like Taurine and Kavinace - they do the trick just as well. They are also helpful when I am jet-lagged after the flight and just need to get to sleep. Of course you should consult with your doctor before taking anything new."

7. Know your essentials

Marketing and Sales Associate Naomi knows what items she must have on-hand for every trip and makes sure she's always stocked up on them. Things like extra zip-lock bags might seem unnecessary if you aren't packing something in them, but she always finds them to be useful, no matter where or how she's traveling. "My mom suggested this to me a while ago, and it has proven to be super useful every time I've traveled ever since. I now carry a small stash of empty bags with me on trips, and for one reason or another, they always end up being useful and used!"

8. Don't forget some Cusa Tea!

We designed Cusa Tea for travel. You can add it to cold or cool water and shake it up, or mix it with hot water from the flight attendant on a plane. Say goodbye to sub-par tea from the airline or your hotel. When you don't need a kettle, a place to put a soggy tea bag or anything except a drinking vessel and water of any temperature, having a relaxing tea or quick caffeine boost has never been easier.


Wherever you're traveling next, take some time to not only plan out what to pack, but also how you pack. Make notes along your journey and after or what you would do differently next time. The more you do this when you travel, the more convenient you'll find packing and travel to be.

Sometimes, all we need is a change in the way we think about the "task" of preparing for a trip to be motivated to get out the door more often!

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