Cusa Crew Camping Essentials

Cusa Crew Camping Essentials

It's our favorite time of year, camping season! And since we devour any "gear list", we thought we'd share some of our favorite gear. We aren't being compensated for sharing these, but if one of these items makes your next camping trip easier, that's a win!

7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

You might not think a water storage container would be a game-changer. But having clean water come out of a leak-proof spigot is something you don't miss until it's gone. We recommend this Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container.


Over The Fire Camp Grill

Sometimes, messing with the propane and setting up an entire camp stove feels like too big of a task at the end of a long day. Using this over the fire camp grill allows you to keep that stove packed up until breakfast the next day!



Speaking of cooking, Trailtopia makes some of the best-tasting and easiest to make meals out there. Great for backpacking or fast car camping meals. They have the added bonus of leaving out the artificial ingredients and preservatives found in a lot of commercial freeze dried meals. They just contain real meat and veggies!

Cusa Coffee Variety Pack

Made with high-elevation 100% Arabica beans from a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee plantation, this is barista quality coffee you can enjoy fireside. The variety pack literally has something for everyone! Or just you...we don't judge.


Cusa Camper Mug

This thing gets the job done. Plus you get to drink out of something no one else at camp has! It comes with a no-spill push-on lid with magnetic closure, a handle, and powder coated finish. We're down to our last few before we reorder so move quick!


Solar Power Bank

You might be "unplugging" for the weekend, but there are still things you need to charge while you camp. Unlike other external batteries, this Solar Power Bank can recharge itself while you hike.



Jetboil lives up to the hype. What's not to love about the one-stop cooking solution? It boils water in under a minute and makes backpacking and camping meals fast and easy.

Blackstone Grill

If you're more of a car camper, or just love to tail-gate in there summer, this Blackstone Grill will up your food game. It cooks everything from pancakes and bacon in the morning, to burgers and steaks for dinner. Cleaning it up is super fast and easy.

Campsite Storage Strap

Some of us (not naming names) are a little too into organization. There's so many tubs and carriers for camping, but sometimes all you need in a place to hang your wet and gross clothes. This storage strap is great for towels, clothes, or just to get your stuff off the ground.


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