Cusa Tea Continues Rapid Expansion

Cusa Tea Continues Rapid Expansion

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Boulder-based developer of organic instant tea technology has grown to 350 retailers in just 6 months and has expansion plans set for 750 new retailers in Q1 2018.

Boulder, CO (January 2018)— After launching Cusa Tea in May of 2017, the brand has rapidly expanded to over 350 retail locations in the Natural Grocery, Conventional Grocery, and Outdoor Industries. Retailers include King Soopers, Lucky’s Markets, Alfalfas, JAX Outdoors, Sierra Trading Post and a host of other small and mid-sized retailers.

In Q1 of 2018, the brand will expand nationwide with REI as well as gain placement in two UNFI distribution centers in Colorado and Northern California. “I am thrilled with the success we have seen for Cusa Tea up to this point” comments Jim Lamancusa, Cusa Tea’s founder and CEO. “The most exciting part for me is to see the store buyer and customer’s reactions to the product. I constantly hear them say that Cusa Tea tastes better than any tea bag they have ever had. But they can make it in 3 seconds.”

Cusa Tea will be exhibiting at the Fancy Foods tradeshow in San Francisco as well as the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Denver this January as well as Natural Products Expo West in March.

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About Cusa Tea

Cusa Tea is the world’s first premium organic instant tea. Cusa Tea uses only high-quality, premium, USDA Organic certified teas and fruits, which they then cold-brew and vacuum dehydrate using a revolutionary technology that creates an amazing cup of tea in 3 seconds. Current flavors include Organic English Breakfast, Organic Green Tea, Organic Oolong, Mango Green, Lemon Black and our Organic Variety Pack. More flavors to come in Q2 2018.

For more information about Cusa Tea, please visit For media inquiries, requests for product samples, high-res images, or to schedule an interview with Cusa Tea founder Jim Lamancusa, please reach out to our media contact below.

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