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Announcing Our Newest Flavor: Chai

Having just passed our first anniversary after a successful year selling five flavors of premium instant tea, we're thrilled to announce a brand new flavor:


After listening to our customers' suggestions for new flavors they'd like to see, we set out on an R&D journey to develop a great-tasting Chai that doesn't need creamers or sweeteners (although it does taste great with honey!).

We started with 60 flavor combinations and settled on six simple ingredients.

As great as "six simple ingredients" sounds, what's remarkable is that Chai is our most complex ingredient list yet. Chai Cusa Tea contains the same blend of organic tea and pure ingredients that our other flavors offer - free of additives, preservatives or sugars.

Specifically, Chai Cusa Tea contains: Organic Black Tea, as well as real cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper.

Alone, each of these ingredients packs a punch, but together, they offer a robust front taste and a lingering, delightful finish.

As with all our teas, our cold-brew steep and then gentle vacuum dehydration process results in a powerful powder that can be mixed with water of any temperature. This tea stands up to versatility - our Chai tastes great on ice or steaming hot.

Chai Cusa Tea is available online right now. Look for it in your local store soon. (Check out our store locator for a list of retail locations that carry Cusa Tea.)

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