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Coffee Bundle
Coffee Bundle
Coffee Bundle

Cusa Tea & Coffee

Coffee Bundle

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Made with high-elevation 100% Arabica beans from a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee plantation that practices fully regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. Our patented "Cold Brew" brewing and dehydration method is extremely gentle so it preserves the flavor, aroma and beneficial properties of the coffee and makes it ready for you in seconds. This process is radically different from the typical dehydration process used to make coffee instant, which is high-heat spray drying. There's a reason most instant coffee tastes burnt - they are burnt! But not with Cusa Coffee. You will taste smooth, complex, and delicious coffee with each sip.

How To Make The Perfect Cup.

1) Open a coffee packet and pour it into an empty cup, mug or bottle.

2) Add 6-10oz water or milk of any temperature and swirl, stir or shake. (For Mocha, dissolve in some warm/hot water first.)

3) Use more or less water to make your coffee weaker or stronger. You cannot "over-brew" - you will get a perfect cup every time!

Rainforest alliance certified

Only The Best Beans.

Our beans are sourced from a family-owned coffee plantation that uses regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. They are all 100% high-elevation, shade-grown Arabica beans. By sourcing from a single location, we're able to maintain consistency in quality and taste. We use real spices and Madagascar vanilla bean to flavor our robust beans. 

Gentle Dehydration Made for Tea and Coffee

Our Secret To Award Winning "Instant" Tea & Coffee.

The dehydration technology typically used to make beverages “instant” damages their flavor by either burning with too much heat (think overcooked spaghetti) or extremely cold temperatures (think freezer burn). We discovered a new way to preserve quality and flavor that uses neither extreme. First we cold-brew the beverage using pressure and time instead of heat to extract all the flavor and maximum benefit.. From there, we gently dehydrate without extreme temperatures, removing only the water and leaving tea or coffee crystals that instantly and completely dissolve in water.