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Coffee Variety Pack


When life gives you lemons, send them back and ask for coffee instead! Our Coffee Variety packs are perfect for trying all that Cusa Coffee has to offer, and to add some variety to your typical coffee drinking habits. 

Made with high-elevation 100% Arabica beans from a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee plantation that practices fully regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. Our patented "Cold Brew" brewing and dehydration method is extremely gentle so it preserves the flavor, aroma and beneficial properties of the coffee and makes it ready for you in seconds. This process is radically different from the typical dehydration process used to make coffee instant, which is high-heat spray drying. There's a reason most instant coffee tastes burnt - they are burnt! But not with Cusa Coffee. You will taste smooth, complex, and delicious coffee with each sip.

We test every batch to ensure that zero pesticides, heavy metals, mold or fungus are in our coffee, so you can feel safe as you drink. 


To make the perfect cup of coffee, simply tear open the coffee-stick, pour it into an empty cup or bottle, and add 6-10oz. water or milk of any temperature. It mixes iced or hot in seconds! Because Mocha has real cacao, it needs a splash of warm water to dissolve before you add cold water and ice if you want to drink it as an iced coffee.

Size Options:

Trial Size (7 Servings): Light Roast (1), Medium Roast (1), Dark Roast (1), Vanilla Dark Roast (1), Lemon Dark Roast (1), Mocha (1) and Dirty Chai (1).

30 Servings: Medium Roast (5), Dark Roast (5), Vanilla Dark Roast (5), Mocha (5), Dirty Chai (4), Light Roast (3) and Lemon Dark Roast (3).

100 Servings: Medium Roast (15), Dark Roast (15), Light Roast (14), Vanilla Dark Roast (14), Lemon Dark Roast (14), Mocha (14) and Dirty Chai (14).

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4-Time Global Tea Championship Winner

Patented Cold-Steep Technology

Sustainable Packaging and Practices

No Sugar, Preservatives or Artificial Flavor

Enjoy Iced or Hot

Real Fruit, Herbs & Spices

Meet our Founder, Jim Lamancusa.

At Cusa Tea, our mission is to recreate the taste and experience of tea that inspired me over 15 years ago. With a complete education in the craft and culture of tea and exploration of plantations and sops throughout China and India, I was inspired to create a premium and functional tea you can drink conveniently at home, in the office or on-the-go, for overall wellness. With the convenience of instant tea and the full flavor, aroma and antioxidants of traditional tea, your favorite flavors are now available in seconds.

Coffee Variety Pack

  • Return Policy

    We want you to be 100% happy. If you do not like our tea, we will offer you a full refund or exchange to a new flavor. Please contact us within 90 days of purchasing our product.

    To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.

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  • How to Recycle Packaging

    We're now providing a way for you to recycle your tea and coffee sticks! If you save and send them to us in batches of 100 or more, we will send them in to Terracycle to be repurposed.

    And then we'll reward you for the effort! We'll give  a $5 off coupon for our website to cover the cost of sending us sticks.

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