Why Are We Crowdfunding?

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

Our customers have asked for YEARS if we would ever go public, we looked at all the options, and instead of doing a lot more venture capital fundraising, we want our customers to be owners in the business.The bottom line is that we wouldn’t be here without our amazing customers. You have supported us through thick and thin because you believe in the mission, vision, and products that we make.

As Cusa grows, our business will invariably become more valuable and we want all of you to enjoy the benefits of what you helped create. We think it’s a much better model versus making more Wall Street stock brokers rich. We also love the fact that investors will feel even more connected to our mission and hopefully help spread the product even faster, leading to a win-win-win for all!

CUSA in 2022

We are growing really quickly – we’ve achieved 576%+ overall direct to consumer (DTC) growth in the last two years, and 251% annual growth in subscriptions. And our sales are accelerating - our June DTC sales were up over 200% over last year and July’s sales are looking to be even higher.

We’re also getting better and better at spreading the Cusa love: a lot of brands in our space are seeing customer acquisition costs increasing rapidly, but not us. We’ve actually seen it go down since the beginning of the year, which just helps us acquire new customers faster and grow our fan base, which is already  80,000 strong. At this incredible pace, we are on track to more than 10X the business in 5 years. 

Head to wefunder.com/cusa to learn more!

Do you have any questions about our crowdfunding? Don't hesitate to email us at support@cusatea.com or reach out to us on socials @drinkcusa.

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