Meet The Team: Rustin!

Meet The Team: Rustin!

What made you interested in joining the Cusa TEA-m?

I’ve always been a lover of tea and coffee and so it felt like a natural choice! I also formerly worked in the health food industry and I was drawn to how simple, clean, and straightforward Cusa’s products are. It was something that I felt I could get behind! I was also attracted to the fact that the vast majority of the Cusa team have had profound experiences living in other countries and, as a former expat myself, felt connected to that sort of energy.

What’s your favorite flavor so far?

If we’re talking coffee, Dark Roast all day, everyday. If it’s tea, it depends entirely on my mood. I’ve always said that I’ve never met a tea I didn’t like!

What do you do when you’re not working?

As a Colorado native, I’d naturally have to say being outside and communing with the natural beauty of this incredible place we call home. Camping, rock climbing, slacklining, and slalom water skiing are some favorites. I also love gardening, house plants, and am passionate about bonsai trees; I love growing my own food, being connected to the dirt, and I am crazy about flowers. And, finally, cooking is a passion of mine. I am an avid kombucha brewer, sourdough baker, cook, and wine aficionado. I’ve often been told that I am missing my calling as a cook or restaurateur.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I lived in the small, South American nation of Uruguay for four years and it was a profoundly formative experience for me (and yes, I speak Spanish fluently). Most people don’t know that Uruguayans consume more tea (namely yerba mate) than most other places in the world. Over 20 lbs of tea per person, per year! While there I became fascinated with local tea drinking rituals and became an avid yerba mate drinker myself. You can often catch me around the office with my gourd of yerba mate and a thermos of hot water!

What’s your story?

I consider myself lucky enough to be from Colorado and am a proud, multigenerational Colorado native. I grew up on a farm in rural Larimer County and spent most of my childhood out in nature and tending to our many animals. Being intimately connected to the dirt, our food sources, and land/water stewardship are deeply-instilled values of my family that I hold in high regard. After graduating from Western Colorado University, I did a lot of traveling and odd jobs and ended up working for several years in the outdoor industry and the natural foods industry. I later lived in the beautiful city of Montevideo, Uruguay for four years and am ever thankful for that place and those people. It is my second home. Now, having returned from abroad, I happened upon the opportunity to work for Cusa and haven’t regretted it for a minute!

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Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith

Good intro interview. Glad you’re at CUSA and love their products. I think you are the person who oversaw that I received your hoodie in a size better for me. Thanks!

Good intro interview. Glad you’re at CUSA and love their products. I think you are the person who oversaw that I received your hoodie in a size better for me. Thanks!

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